22 July 2008

Women's Interest = Nation's Interest

In an Alternet posting [Rigidly Male-Dominated Societies Are Violent; The U.S. Is No Different] of an opinion piece by Riane Eisler originally published by The WIP, the author raises the point we shared in our recent posting [Women's Solutions, National Solutions]: in meeting women's needs we improve economic security for all our nation’s people, women and men alike.

Eisler writes:
This relegation of "women's issues" to a secondary place is obviously terrible for half of America (actually the majority, since women are 52 percent). But it's also terrible for the political and family health of our entire nation.

While calling for progressives to make women's issues integral to their agenda, she notes:

The equal valuing of the two halves of humanity -- women and men -- will obviously vastly improve girls' and women's quality of life. But it's also essential if we are to move to a more democratic, peaceful, and sustainable future for us all.

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