27 August 2008

Lulu Reports From the DNC

Lulu Roller, our colleague accompanying Ms. Foundation President Sara Gould in Denver, provided a quick report on their stay before Thursday's panel at the Big Tent Denver, What Women Want: Journalists and Activists Connect Stories and Solutions.

Lulu and Sara attended the Lifetime Networks event to promote its "Every Woman Counts" effort. Lulu reported that host Idina Menzel's performance was "amazing." Menzel described the event on her website as uniting:
...delegates, elected officials, political leaders, campaign staff, advocates, and Every Woman Counts Coalition partners to celebrate women's leadership and encourage more women to be involved in the political process, as voters and future candidates. Throughout the evening, women will be able to register to vote at the Every Woman Counts bus, which will be parked out front.
Lulu noted that Lifetime Networks President Andrea Wong spoke of the importance of young women understanding how powerful their voices were and how voting is a essential way to express their views. Wong, speaking at an earlier Democratic Women's Caucus event marking 88 years of women's suffrage, noted "The women who have blazed the trail have shown us a profound truth, that when women participate, all women make progress."

For more information, see Every Woman Counts and Rock the Vote. Watch the Ms. Foundation's Big Tent Panel, What Women Want: Journalists and Activists Connect Stories and Solutions live online on Thursday 28 August 2008, 2:00 pm EDT, 12 noon MDT.

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