02 September 2008

Gustav Action Alert: Call on FEMA to Aid Evacuees Upon Return

An urgent call from our colleagues at the Louisiana Justice Institute:


Eariler today, the FEMA Director announced the federal government would not be providing financial assistance to Gulf Coast Gustav evacuees, but instead would rely upon NGOs such as the Red Cross to provide food, shelter, and 'comfort.' Folks, the bottom line is that nearly 2 million of our friends, family, and neighbors "voluntarily" evacuated the Gulf Coast region, and they cannot possibly return in one, two, or even three days. Leaving New Orleans for me was a 10.5 hour nightmare and, no doubt, trying to re-occupy cities from Lake Charles through New Orleans, and South Louisiana will take time, and money. 'Comfort' ain't 'Cash' and hotels require dollars, not prayers for payment!

Please call and write to Senator Landrieu and Senator Vitter, Governor Jindal, and Mayor Nagin and demand (1) they provide an orderly process to for return of all residents to the greater New Orleans area, and the entire Gulf Coast region, and (2) they force FEMA to provide cash compensation to evacuees in order to defray the cost for this extraordinary effort.

Senator Landrieu: 202.224.5824
Senator Vitter: 202.224.4623
Governor Jindal: 225.342.7015
Mayor Nagin: 504.658.4000

Tracie L. Washington, Esq.
Louisiana Justice Institute

See blog posting below and stay tuned for updates about the Ms. Foundation's Katrina Women's Response Fund grantees in the wake of Gustav.

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  1. My family and I left Marrero, Louisiana with a tank of gas and around $110(which is around the cost of another tank of gas). We were lucky in that we had a family memeber that lives in San Antonio and we were able 2 stay here (with othe family and friends, about 20 people). The problem... we have no way to get back with out a bit of financial aid. Now I am not saying give us what they did for Katrina... but enough 2 help us get back would be much appreciated!