11 June 2009

Join Governor Patterson -- Show Your Support for Domestic Workers

On the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC in New York City this morning, Governor David Patterson expressed his willingness to sign the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. He said:

If you read back in the 1930s, the reason that these workers and farmworkers did not receive equal benefits is because the southern Senators wouldn’t vote for it. It really began with the racism of the mid 20th century. Clearly in the law these workers deserve equal rights and if they are able to pass the Bill or if they are able to get the legislature to even come back, I will sign it.
Show Your Support
To show the legislature that you would also sign the bill, take part in the 24-hour vigil at New York City Hall (starting tomorrow Friday 12 June at 8:00 am) or the March at City Hall (Sunday 14 June at 1:00 pm). Activity details.

More information on the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights is available in the radio interviews below, our previous post and from Domestic Workers United.

Radio Interviews

Brian Lehrer interview with Keith Wright (D-70th) sponsor in the New York State Assembly of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, Ai-Jen Poo, lead organizer with Domestic Workers United, working nanny Barbara Young, and Donna Schneiderman, co-chair of Jews for Racial & Economic Justice’s “Shalom Bayit” campaign at DWU.

Brian Lehrer interview with Governor David Patterson on the shake up in the State Senate and what to expect in the waning days of the legislative session (includes his expression of support for Domestic Workers Bill of Rights).

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