15 August 2009

Be an Outrageous Activist Recruit Friends, Remember Hurricane Katrina and Win DVD of Academy Award-Nominated TROUBLE THE WATER

Join us in marking the upcoming 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Recruit your friends to join the Ms. Foundation Outrageous Acts Facebook Cause and be eligible to win a soon-to-be released DVD of the documentary TROUBLE THE WATER!

TROUBLE THE WATER tells the story of Hurricane Katrina through the remarkable eyes and experience of Kimberly and Scott Roberts, ...two unforgettable people who survive the storm and then seize a chance for a new beginning.“ This Ms. Foundation grantee project reveals the courage, strength and wisdom of people who were directly affected by the storms and reminds us of the continuing need for recovery and rebuilding.

Help Us Reach 1,000 Members by August 25

TROUBLE THE WATER hits stores August 25. That means there are under two weeks to help the Outrageous Acts Cause reach 1,000 members! The five Outrageous Activists (members of the Outrageous Acts Cause) who recruit the most new members between August 11, 2009 and August 25, 2009 will each receive a DVD copy of TROUBLE THE WATER.

So be an outrageous activist. Recruit your friends. Watch TROUBLE THE WATER. And help the Ms. Foundation expand our reach and support for grassroots activists working to promote real recovery for women, families and communities on the Gulf Coast.

Here's how you can join us.

What You Can Do:

Recruit Outrageous Activists to Our Cause
Win a TROUBLE THE WATER DVD Invite your friends and encourage them to invite theirs.

Buy the DVD
To guarantee that you get a copy of this celebrated movie, preorder the DVD online from Zeitgeist Films. They offer a 25% discount.

Visit the Trouble the Water site
, sign up for email updates, take action.
"...It's not about the hurricane. It's about America."

Become a fan of Trouble the Water

Learn more about the action and commitment the film has inspired and join in.

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