20 November 2009

Sarah Palin and Newsweek: Here We go Again

Earlier this week the Women’s Media Center released a strong statement condemning Newsweek’s inappropriate cover photo of Sarah Palin in short shorts and a tight top. WMC President Jehmu Greene noted, “…by portraying Sarah Palin in this light, they added an additional barrier for all women and girls who aspire to political leadership.”

We couldn’t agree more. Not only does the cover sexualize Sarah Palin, it stands as yet another illustration of the marginalization, objectification and stereotypes of women that persist in mainstream media.

It’s hard to imagine just one male politician objectified in this fashion on the cover of a news magazine, no matter his political orientation, his abilities or his conduct. Nor should there be.

Mainstream media must respect, not diminish, the stature of women, LGBTQ identified people, and people of color, if we are to reach the inclusive and equitable society that we all desire.

Sara K. Gould
President & CEO
Ms. Foundation for Women

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