31 May 2011

Grantee Commentary: Kentucky on Verge of Full-Blown 'Womencession'

Attica Woodson Scott, 2011 Ms. Foundation Woman of Vision honoree, and coordinator of Kentucky Jobs with Justice, knows all too well that women in her state are among the hardest hit by our nation's ongoing economic crisis -- a situation made worse by cuts to social services and other policy maneuvers that undermine their ability to recover and survive. In "Spending Cuts and the 'Womencession'," a commentary in Sunday's Lexington Herald-Ledger, Attica draws on findings from a recent national poll commissioned by the Ms. Foundation to bolster her case that many women and children in Kentucky are facing tremendous economic insecurity and injustice. She writes:
Why do so many people in Kentucky seem to be suffering even more today than at the height of the recession?

Today, 814,000 Kentuckians participate in the federal food stamp program; more than 1,000 homes face foreclosure in our state every month; and 576,500 Kentuckians lack health insurance.

A new national poll for the Ms. Foundation for Women confirms what has been clear for some time to Kentucky residents: The so-called economic recovery is taking place far from our doorsteps, with women and children increasingly paying the heaviest price.
Government cutbacks at the federal, state and local levels have had a particularly severe impact on women and children. Women across all groups are suffering, but for low-income women the situation has gone from bad to worse.
Read the full commentary here.

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