15 August 2011

'Gloria: In Her Own Words' HBO Documentary Debuts Tonight

We all know that Gloria Steinem has had a huge impact on feminism and the women's and broader social justice movements. But how many know how she became committed to advancing women's collective power to ignite social change? The HBO documentary, Gloria: In Her Own Words, which premieres tonight, Monday, August 15, tells this personal story.

Gloria began her career as a journalist, uncovering stories about inequities faced by women and communities across the country. She quickly realized that these issues had to be addressed by more than just words, they had to be addressed by action -- by a movement for social justice driven by women who faced these problems in their daily lives. 

For almost 40 years the Ms. Foundation for Women has been an integral part of this vision for change. We were founded by Gloria and others to help seed and sustain this movement by supporting women's grassroots organizing for social change across the US. You can take a stand for women making a difference with your donation to the Ms. Foundation.

Today, as we stand with Gloria and take stock of our history, we are proud to see how far we have come, even as we continue to confront challenges today. As Gloria says, "In a general way the system is still crazy. But thanks to social justice movements, and years of hard work, there has been positive change."

Gloria Steinem has endured as a feminist icon, withstanding decades of right-wing opposition to remain an outspoken advocate for women's rights and social justice. Watch Gloria: In Her Own Words to see an intimate portrait of this work and explore the formation of this tremendous movement that today we can all call our own.

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