27 July 2012

Goodbye Karolina!

For the past two years the Ms. Foundation has been thrilled to be a host organization for one of Duke Engage's Moxie Project interns. The Moxie Project is a fantastic program that aims to encourage deep thought and engagement in women's issues, feminism, and social justice. The Project brings young Duke students to New York City, placing them as interns in social justice organizations and supplementing their 9-5 work experience with an intensive curriculum of reading, reflection and activities.

It's amazing to see these young women grow into confident socially conscious women - women who no longer keep their opinions to themselves; women who stand tall for feminism; and women who are committed to changing not just their own lives, but their communities as well.

Today we are sad to say goodbye to Karolina Povedych - our Moxie intern - but we are energized by the intelligence and passion of the "Moxies." We say goodbye, knowing that women's advocacy and activism are alive and in good hands.

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