05 March 2013

Molly Gaebe: Using Comedy to Highlight Absurdities

The Ms. Foundation for Women is celebrating Women’s History Month with a blog carnival featuring the voices and profiles of women across the country. This Month of Action is generously supported by our friends in Seattle. 

Pick any weekday in the past couple of years and there is a pretty good chance I was sitting alone on my couch, watching the nightly news, on the verge of crying about the state of politics and women’s issues in the U.S. Election years were particularly trying on my tear ducts and neck muscles, as I strained my head back and forth to no one at all with an expression that said, “Are you guys seeing this?!”

Now, instead of lamenting to my couch, I get mad, I laugh and then I write. I moved to New York to become a comedian and realized, after working at a reproductive health non-profit, that I could make a positive contribution by using comedy to highlight the absurdities of a political system that was wreaking havoc on women’s rights.

My anger and passion now have a positive outlet. Comedy has always been the common denominator, and I found that, by framing some decidedly unfunny political topics in a humorous way, I reached far more people that normally would not be inclined to pay attention.

On a more personal level, as a doula for abortion patients, I've been able to connect with women from all kinds of backgrounds. To be able to offer support to these women is a privilege, and I am continuously blown away by the strength and beauty of every woman I encounter.

I don’t have any extraordinary talents or smarts, but goddammit, I've got timing. And if that’s one thing that I can offer to this world to make a positive impact, I will.  

If you need me, I’ll be on my couch, trying to change the world. 

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