31 March 2010

Historic Meeting of Survivor-Activists on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

In March the Ms. Foundation for Women had the honor of convening an inspiring meeting on survivor-led activism on child sexual abuse prevention. In what was one of the first times survivors have been brought together to discuss child sexual abuse prevention in a social justice context, twelve activists discussed successes, challenges, and historic moments in their field. They established exciting shared visions and first steps for realizing them in this growing social justice movement.

The Ms. Foundation has long addressed the issue of child sexual abuse prevention, and recently we have had the opportunity to deepen our focus in partnership with Novo Foundation from whom we received a generous three-year grant in 2009. This meeting of activists is one example of the work this partnership has allowed us to pursue. Watch the video for some first-hand participant responses and look forward as we keep you posted on our continued work addressing this vital issue.

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