30 March 2010

Two Upcoming Conference Calls: Learn About Impact of Health Reform on Women, Families and Immigrants

Following are two great upcoming opportunities offered by Ms. Foundation grantee partners to learn more about how the new health-care reform bill will both help and harm women and families, including immigrants.

Wednesday, April 7, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) will host a virtual "Cafecito on Health Reform," (an informal discussion over coffee via conference call) to share their perspectives on the new legislation. NLIRH writes:
Health care reform was recently signed into law, however, for Latinas, the result is a mixed-bag. Join us to learn about provisions that help and hurt women and immigrants, and the timeline for implementation of benefits. You will also hear about state based initiatives being proposed and how this can affect health care reform in your state.
The call will be conducted in English from 12-1pm EST, and in Spanish from 1-2pm EST. Register for the NLIRH cafecito in English here and in Spanish here.

Thursday, April 8, the National Women's Law Center (NWLC), featured today in the New York Times article, "Overhaul Will Lower the Costs of Being a Woman," will be hosting a special webinar, "How Women Will Benefit from Health Care Reform," from 1-2pm EST. NWLC writes:
Now that health care reform is the law of the land, it’s time to celebrate and get the facts about the real changes for women’s lives. To understand how this important victory will benefit women and their families register for our special webinar about how health care reform will benefit women.

During the webinar, we’ll provide a summary of the key provisions impacting women and their families and outline what to expect with the new law in effect. We’ll also explain what the restrictions on abortion coverage mean for women and talk about the fight that lies ahead to fix these dangerous barriers.
Register for the NWLC event here.

Also, check out another new resource from our grantee, Raising Women's Voices, on the
pros and cons of health care reform [pdf].

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