19 July 2010

NPR Spotlights Plight of Shackled Pregnant Women

Back in May, we alerted you to an important article written by Tonya Williams of SPARK Reproductive Justice Now on the practice of shackling jailed pregnant women throughout labor and delivery.

Now, after recent decisions in Washington state and Arkansas found that the practice violates the civil rights of incarcerated women -- and in light of a class action suit pending in Illinois involving as many as 150 female prisoners -- NPR has picked up story, running a piece late last week that quotes an expert in the field referring to the practice as "tantamount to torture."

You can also read a condensed version of the audio piece, featuring commentary from Malika Saada Saar of the Rebecca Project, a Ms. Foundation grantee working to raise awareness and reform policies like these that impact the human rights of women nationwide. Remember: reproductive justice is about more than just access to birth control and abortion; it's about ensuring that we are all free to make any number of decisions about our bodies, health and sexuality -- no matter what our circumstances.

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