30 July 2010

VIDEO: National Women and Children's Advocacy Day

Video still: A girl testifies about
her mother's arrest
As protesters around the country -- and around the world -- continue to speak out against Arizona's divisive immigration law, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to hear some first-person testimony about the law's potential impact on women and families in Arizona, and beyond.

On July 15, National Women and Children's Advocacy Day, immigrant women and children gathered in Washington DC to testify at a special hearing on the impact of immigration enforcement policies on children and families. Sponsored by Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and organized in part by the Mother's Day Delegation, the event gave a voice to the fears of millions of children of immigrants, who -- thanks to SB1070 and other measures -- now worry more than ever that their families will be torn apart overnight.

Nat'l Women & Children's Advocacy Day - Ad Hoc Immigration Hearing (1 of 5) from ManSee Kong on Vimeo.

The entire hearing is captured on 5 separate videos. To see compelling photos from the July 29th protests, visit AltoArizona.com.

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