16 August 2010

[Audio] Program Officer Sangeeta Budhiraja Explores Grantee Solutions in Radio Interview

Last Tuesday Ms. Foundation Program Officer Sangeeta Budhiraja was featured on Juggling Act with Dr. Lori Sokol. The show on Connecticut's AM1490 WGCH strives “to empower individuals to triumph over gender-related societal limits so they can reach their full potential unhindered.”

The Ms. Foundation’s wonderful Sangeeta Budhiraja jumped right into this conversation, addressing the importance of affordable child care, the fight for New York State’s Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, and the future of health care. Sangeeta talked eloquently and informatively about these important social issues that affect not just women but everyone in our society, and the work of the Foundation’s grantees advocating for just and inclusive solutions. She elucidated the Ms. Foundation’s particular belief that society can only reach its full potential when power and possibility are not limited by gender, race, class, sexuality, or age and explained why the Foundation provides support to a broad range of seemingly disparate organizations working on issues ranging from reproductive justice, to immigrant rights, to sexual violence, and health care.

Download the full interview [mp3] or listen on the player below [27:05].

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