09 August 2010

Cheers for Justice Kagan, Prop 8 Ruling

Two amazing things happened last week that we just have to pause to celebrate:
  • Elena Kagan was sworn in as the fourth woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Joining Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, she now becomes the third woman on the current court -- which has never before happened in the history of this nation. The Ms. Foundation congratulates Justice Kagan on her extraordinary achievement, and applauds President Obama for bringing us part way to some long-awaited gender balance on the United States Supreme Court.

  • Proposition 8 was overturned in California! Along with millions of Americans, we were overjoyed to learn that the ban on same-sex marriage in California had been struck down -- in no uncertain terms. Finding that Proposition 8 definitively discriminated against gay and lesbian couples, the ruling by Judge Vaughn R. Walker has been heralded by legal scholars and commentators as a remarkably well-researched and nuanced decision that may leave little room for dissent upon appeal to the higher courts. And there will indeed be appeals; this one is likely headed all the way to the Supreme Court.

    It’s still uncertain what our highest court will do if and when the case lands before them -- but for now, joy is the order of the day. Big congrats to all of our GLBTQ sisters and brothers!

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