27 October 2010

Donor-Activist Barbara Dobkin Profiled in Wall Street Journal

It gives us great pleasure to report that on Tuesday, longtime Ms. Foundation for Women partner and friend, Barbara Dobkin, was profiled in The Wall Street Journal for her significant philanthropic efforts on behalf of women and girls around the world.

Identified (quite rightly!) by the Journal as "one of the first women to focus on giving with a lens toward gender," Barbara's impact on the field of philanthropy cannot be understated. Barbara is a founding chairwoman of the Jewish Women's Archive and Ma'yan, the Jewish Women's Project of the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, and has been deeply involved in funding women's empowerment through the American Jewish World Service, the Women Donors Network, the Women's Funding Network and Women Moving Millions -- and has provided vital support to the Ms. Foundation for many years.

Her focus on promoting lasting social change -- and her understanding that the people facing any set of problems are those best positioned to come up with effective solutions -- have made Barbara a great ally of the Ms. Foundation for many years. The key to building a just and equitable society, she told the Journal, requires focusing on the outcomes that matter, and looking beyond the easy fix to push for systemic change. "We need to get to the core of the issues and fund solutions," she notes, "not just attack the problems."

Congratulations to Barbara on being chosen as the Journal's "Donor of the Day" -- and many thanks for your years of support and leadership. The women of this world are better off for all you've done.

Photo: American Jewish World Service

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