06 October 2010

VIDEO: End the Sexualization of Girls in the Media

If you're concerned about how portrayals of girls in the media are affecting young women, be sure to check out the following video, which offers a powerful look at the destructive media influences shaping our young people every day.

Created by the forces behind the upcoming SPARK Summit -- an event designed to push back on the sexualization of women and girls in our culture -- the video features the remarkable testimony of high school senior Yanique Richards, who is fighting to help all girls "own the media -- and not have the media own them." (Right on, Yanique!) We can't say enough about how important it is to have the voices of young women front and center in this conversation, and as a lead partner in the event, we encourage you to join us for what is sure to be an exciting and productive day of activities.

The SPARK Summit will take place on Friday, October 22 at Hunter College in New York City. Registration is live -- sign up today!

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