09 December 2010

DREAM Act Passes House; Pressure Senate Today!

Powerful organizing in support of the DREAM Act is paying off. Late yesterday, the House passed it with a vote of 216 to 198. Now it's time to put pressure on the Senate, where it could be put to a much tougher test when it comes up for a vote today. (According to Politico, Senate Republicans have vowed to filibuster any legislation that doesn't have to do with the Bush-era tax cuts and the "funding of the government.")

There's no way to deny the momentum. Tell your Senators the time to pass the DREAM Act is now. Find your Senator's contact information here.

UPDATE: The Senate just passed a motion to table a vote on the DREAM Act. This allows for more time to generate greater support. Call 866-996-5161 and tell your senators to vote "yes" when they take up the House version of the bill.

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