21 December 2010

Support Women's Well-Being this Holiday Season

Want to make a real difference during this season of giving? Donate to the Ms. Foundation for Women.
Giving to the Ms. Foundation is about more than making a gift, it's about making an impact. It's about standing up for the safety and health of women and girls, and building their economic security and civic participation.
By making a gift now, you are enhancing women's safety and well-being by:
  • Bringing the issue of child sexual abuse out of obscurity and investing in a comprehensive, social justice approach that puts communities at the forefront of prevention;
  • Working to end the trauma of sexual abuse in the military; and
  • Using technology -- including iPhone applications -- to challenge street harassment.
When you give, change happens.
Join us now! Making a donation online is fast and easy. You can also mail us your contribution.
Cathy Raphael
Chair, Board of Directors
The Ms. Foundation for Women

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