12 September 2011

Louisiana Advocate, Gina Womack, Receives National Honor

We are so happy to congratulate Gina Womack, co-founder and executive director of Friends and Families of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC), a longtime grantee, on her 2011 Alston Bannerman Fellowship Award. The fellowship is presented by the Center for Social Inclusion to outstanding community activists of color who have dedicated their life to social change.

Gina, a 2009 Ms. Foundation Woman of Vision, whose advocacy brings justice and human decency to thousands of incarcerated people and their families across the US South, exemplifies the spirit of the Bannerman award. We have supported Gina and FFLIC for years and are so pleased to see her work, dedication, and passion rewarded in this way!

Watch the video below and hear her personal story of how she turned a small idea for a support group of friends and family members of incarcerated youth into a movement fighting for dignity, respect and justice in the increasingly opaque prison industry. Congratulations, Gina!