20 September 2011

Shop at Eileen Fisher This Saturday; Support Ms. Foundation

If you shop online this Saturday there's a way to get a great discount while helping thousands of women across the country -- and igniting change!

Along with almost two dozen local women's funds, the Ms. Foundation for Women is part of Eileen Fisher and the Women's Funding Network's September 24th day in support of women and girls. For every purchase at Eileen Fisher stores -- and online -- 10% will go to a partner women's fund.

The Ms. Foundation will benefit from in-store sales in Portland, Oregon and four stores in the Boston area, and we're sharing the money we'll receive with our local grantees in those areas who are supporting this effort, including the Oregon Tradeswomen Association, Massachusetts Citizens for Children and the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health.

Being part of this is easy:
  1. If you're in or near Portland, Oregon or Boston, please shop on Saturday, September 24th, and you can print out and use a $25 off coupon [Boston area coupon] [Portland area coupon].
  2. Or you can shop online at eileenfisher.com from ANYWHERE (and take $25 off using code 525900). When you make your online purchase please select the Ms. Foundation for Women as your beneficiary of choice.
Everyone at the Ms. Foundation applauds the commitment of Eileen Fisher, Women's Funding Network and women's funds nationwide to making change happen for women and girls.

Thanks for shopping in Portland, Oregon or Boston -- or making an Eileen Fisher purchase online (and voting for the Ms. Foundation for Women) -- this Saturday, September 24th.