15 June 2010

Oklahoma Bars Health Insurance Discrimination for Domestic Violence Survivors

Ms. Foundation grantee the National Women's Law Center is highlighting some great news out of the state of Oklahoma on its Womenstake blog.

Though in recent weeks Oklahoma's given us more to boo at than to cheer, we're happy to report that the state's governor has now signed into law legislation that's worthy of applause: SB 1251, which bars discrimination against domestic violence survivors in health insurance.

From Womenstake:
The bill, which was introduced by state Senator Jim Wilson, prohibits any insurance plan issued or renewed on or after November 1, 2010, from denying, cancelling, or refusing to issue or renew coverage based on an applicant’s status as a DV survivor, denying a claim based on an applicant’s status as a DV survivor, or treating domestic abuse as a pre-existing condition. It passed both chambers of the state legislature unanimously.
With the bill's passage, Oklahoma becomes just the third state in the nation (behind Arkansas and North Carolina) to protect domestic violence survivors from health care discrimination.

Congratulations to NWLC -- which has been working on the issue since 2008 -- and to the people of Oklahoma, for finally scoring a win on behalf of women in the state!

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