24 June 2010

Today: Urge NY State Lawmakers to Enact the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Progress on the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights may be thwarted if New York State government leaders do not act immediately. Bills have passed in both houses of the legislature and Governor Paterson has pledged to sign a reconciled version into law before the month's end. Lawmakers are expected to meet today. Join us and Domestic Workers United and make your support heard.

Call Today!
Governor David Paterson's office: 518-474-8390
Speaker Sheldon Silver's office: 518-455-3791
My name is _____ and I'm calling to express my support for the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Domestic workers have been excluded from the labor laws for too long. They are not asking for special rights. They work alone and have no power to negotiate for better working conditions. Uniquely vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, this bill is the only way that domestic workers can get what they deserve for the important work they do. New Yorkers want and need this legislation.
Help us push for a final bill that will guarantee basic benefits like paid time off and notice of termination for domestic workers. Make a difference today.

More on the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights from our blog.

Photo: by Elizabeth Rappaport. (detail) Domestic Workers United March, New York City, October 2008.

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