30 June 2010

Take Action Now: Urge Senators to Pass Reproductive Health Act in NY State

Ms. Foundation grantee Family Planning Advocates is running an important campaign in New York -- and they need your support!

In mid June, the Reproductive Health Act (A.11484) was introduced before the New York State Assembly. The act seeks to update New York’s outdated 1970 abortion law and ensure a woman's right to an abortion if her health is jeopardized. At present, New York’s law does not contain an exception to protect a woman should her pregnancy pose a risk to her health. New York’s law protects a woman during pregnancy only if her life is in immediate danger.

But as Family Planning Advocates points out, there are many serious medical issues that can arise as a result of pregnancy that might put women in precarious situations. "Kidney failure, diabetes, stroke, extremely high blood pressure and cancer are just a few of the complications that can occur during a pregnancy," the group writes. "As a result, women and their families are put in the position of making difficult decisions."

FPA goes on to note that,
The Reproductive Health Act is consistent with the tenets of Roe v. Wade, and would allow abortion up to the time of viability and after that, only if there is a threat to the woman's health or life. And, contrary to misleading information being spread about this bill, it does not change state and federal laws that allow providers to refrain from performing abortions based on their moral or religious beliefs.
If you believe it's time to bring New York State's abortion law up to date, and you're a resident of New York State, contact your state senator and urge him or her to help pass the Reproductive Health Act. There's not much time left to make your voice heard on this one: the legislative session is about to end. Take action now!

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