18 January 2011

Health Care in the House: Urge Your Reps to Vote NO on Repeal!

We told you last week to expect it this week, and now here it is: tomorrow, Wednesday, House Republicans have scheduled a vote to repeal health care reform.

A waste of time, you say? Yes. Money? Absolutely. The wrong priorities for our nation in a time of few jobs and uneven recovery? We agree completely. But with ultra-conservatives now in control of the House, it looks like this largely symbolic but dangerous gesture will move forward -- despite the fact that health care reform is already improving the lives of millions of women and families by providing them access to affordable health care coverage and making sure that coverage doesn't drop them once they become sick (or have a C-section, or get raped).

But Republican control of the House doesn't mean others don't have a voice. A number of Ms. Foundation grantees are urging their constituents to take action by calling members of Congress and letting them know just how outraged you are by these attempts to roll back progress on the health care front.

Grantees Raising Women's Voices, the National Women's Law Center and the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum are all running campaigns to get people on the phones and sending emails to make sure our representatives know just how strongly we oppose repeal -- and the offensive "job-killing" rhetoric Conservatives have misguidedly attached to it (see today's New York Times for a thorough repudiation of that logic).

If you believe as much as ever that all Americans deserve access to affordable and fair health care, now is the time to make your voice heard: Call Congress today and tell them to vote NO on the Repeal of Health Care Reform! Time is short -- act now!

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