26 January 2011

[Video] Next Generation of Green Activists Share -- and Sing -- Vision for Change

Want to be inspired? Check out this music video, produced by the Climate Change Crew -- winners of Ms. Foundation grantee Green For All's 2010 "Dream Reborn Story Contest."

The "Crew"-- a group of young, inner-city environmentalists from Minnesota's Twin Cities -- has put together a video that not only raises awareness of the environmental dangers faced by low-income communities and communities of color, but also encourages other youth to play a role in building a green economy that can "provide access and opportunities for all." One thing's for sure: theirs is a unique and refreshing vision of what "green" really looks like.

Read more about the Climate Change Crew and their work to inspire a new, diverse generation of green activists -- and watch this background video about what drove them create such an influential piece of social justice media.

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