28 January 2011

Submit Your School's Sexual Assault Policy Online by Monday, Jan. 31!

Join SAFER and V-Day's Winter Break Challenge and submit your school's sexual assault policy to their innovative, movement-building, online database by Monday, January 31

Ms. Foundation grantee Students Active For Ending Rape (SAFER), a group that builds the power of students to hold their schools accountable for preventing and responding to violence on campus, is in the throes of a great campaign, the Campus Accountability Project. CAP, a partnership with the terrific anti-violence organization V-Day, encourages students to research and submit their school's sexual assault policy to an online database, a tool used by student-led movements to reform policies in colleges and universities nationwide. CAP makes accessible successful policies and identifies the serious gaps in others: for example, so far, 75% of schools in the database offer 24-hour crisis services to survivors, while only 7% include a drug and alcohol amnesty clause for survivors, something SAFER and V-Day say is crucial.

So take part in and ask others to join SAFER and V-Day's Winter Break Challenge! While they'll continue to accept entries in the coming months, they're in their final push to get as many students as possible to submit their schools' sexual assault policies by Monday, January 31. Watch and share the creative video below, "Why Policy?"; register and submit your campus policy in an easy, step-by-step process at www.safercampus.org; and tell your family members and friends to do the same!

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