21 September 2010

Dream Act, Don't Ask Don't Tell Blocked in the Senate

It looks like both the Dream Act and the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell will have to wait until after the November midterm elections for a vote.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted not to take up a significant piece of military legislation that includes a provision that would have made way for the repeal of the military's current ban on openly gay and lesbian soldiers, as well as the immigration reform policy known as the Dream Act, which would have provided thousands of undocumented young people a path to US citizenship.

Republican Senators were unanimous in their vote to stall debate on the bill, and gained support from two Democratic Senators (Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, both of Arkansas) in the process. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has vowed to bring the bill (a similar version of which has already passed in the House) back for a vote after the midterm elections -- but whether Democrats will retain their 60 seat majority in the house at that point remains to be seen.

For those who have worked so hard to push for passage of the Dream Act, and an end to discrimination in the military in the form of DADT, it's a moment of intense disappointment. But these battles are far from over. Help the Ms. Foundation as we continue to support groups like the Service Women's Action Network and the Right to the City alliance -- organizations that have taken the lead on these issues and will continue the fight... until justice sees the light of day.

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