28 September 2010

Follow the NCRW Economic Summit Online

The Ms. Foundation for Women is a proud co-sponsor of the National Council for Research on Women’s economic summit, Reinvesting in Women and Families: Developing an Economy for the Future. The October 8 meeting in New York City will address the impact of the economic crisis and economic recovery efforts on low-income women, especially women of color, their families, and other vulnerable communities such as immigrants and LGBTQ people, across generations. Ms. Foundation President and CEO Sara K. Gould will open and frame the discussion around women’s experiences, lives and needs in this new economy.

Attendance at the summit is by invitation only. You can follow the proceedings on a live blog from NCRW or on Twitter with the hashtag #femecon.

Twelve Ms. Foundation grantee groups will be attending to provide their perspectives on how to address inequities within the economic system. Their holistic vision for women’s economic justice is important and their voices will be heard along with academics, the business community and policymakers. As Ms. Foundation Program Officer Sangeeta Budhiraja says: “Ensuring the economic security of women and families is about more than simply creating jobs. It's about ensuring that those jobs pay a living wage and providing families with access to quality, affordable child and health care -- as well as a host of other essential services. As we look to the future, and strive to develop an economy that supports the needs of women and families, we must set our sights on ensuring economic justice for all."

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rappaport -- Women in Transition, Kentucky 2009

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