23 September 2010

Ms. Foundation Featured in International Museum of Women Online Exhibit

The Ms. Foundation for Women is featured in the International Museum of Women's online exhibition, ECONOMICA: Women and the Global Economy. As the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals renews its commitment to improving the health and security of women and children as essential to alleviating global poverty, we also have the responsibility to address the economic distress that women and children face here at home.

Today, amid economic uncertainty, women are often alone standing between their families and poverty, foreclosure, or worse. Susan Wefald, chief operating officer at the Foundation, contributed a powerful and moving essay to the exhibition that
underscores the continued economic insecurity faced by low-income women and women of color. She writes:
Large numbers of Americans are struggling, but the circumstances for many women are especially dire. A third of all women, compared with quarter of all Americans, say they live paycheck to paycheck. And a third of all women compared with a quarter of all men say they have less than $500 in savings.
The only way to true economic recovery and social stability is through support of those most affected by the continuing economic crisis. Their solutions best address the needs of women, families and communities across the country.

Photo by Elizabeth Rappaport, Domestic Workers United march (detail), New York City, October 2008.

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