16 March 2009

Celebrate Gloria Steinem: Be Outrageous for Simple Justice

Celebrate Gloria: Be Outrageous for Simple Justice

Years ago, Ms. Foundation for Women co-founder, Gloria Steinem, began striking an "organizer's deal" with audiences: "If each person in the room promises that the very next day she or he will do at least one outrageous thing in the cause of simple justice, then I promise I will, too." [view video]

In celebration of Gloria Steinem's upcoming 75th birthday on March 25 and Women's History Month, we're pleased to announce a new online Ms. Foundation campaign: Outrageous Acts for Simple Justice.

Outrageous Acts, a social networking, social change campaign, invites each of us to engage in, celebrate and support outrageous acts in the cause of simple justice on behalf of women, families and communities.

Watch the Video and Learn How You Can Join the Outrageous Acts Campaign

Join us by taking a stand, making a gift, calling a strike, or hosting a party. Act in your life, with your family and friends, for your community. Share your efforts in person and online.

The times demand creative action. We face great challenges -- from the economic crisis and barriers to reproductive health care to gender-based violence and war. But we also live in a moment of tremendous opportunity. More and more people are poised to create change from the grassroots. And on the heels of an historic presidential election, we're reminded of just how effective local outrageous acts -- from bake sales and buttons to signatures and songs -- can be.

We're certain that the more outrageous each of us can be, the more power we'll have to bring about the kind of change we want to see in our communities, our country and our world. Join us.

Sara K. Gould
President & CEO
Ms. Foundation for Women

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