11 March 2009

Outrageous Acts Suggestions

  • Join our movement for simple justice by making a gift
    to the Ms. Foundation
    and support outrageous acts for social change

Be Active

  • Attend a rally, invite a friend to a rally, help plan a rally
  • Sign a petition, recruit friends to sign, creatively capture petition-signing
  • Become a member of an organization
  • Volunteer, increase your time commitment, assume a leadership role, recruit others
  • Join an “outrageous” cause on Facebook, recruit friends to join
  • Change your Facebook picture/avatar to support an “outrageous” cause

Be Creative

  • Write and/or perform a song about your outrage or outrageous act
  • Write a poem about your outrage or outrageous act
  • Sing your song or perform your poem in public
  • Make and wear a t-shirt with a call to action or outrage
  • Draw a picture of your outrage or outrageous act
  • Take a picture of your outrage or outrageous act
  • Make and wear a button, bumper sticker or decal


  • Find other organizers in your community and join them
  • Learn about the benefits of a union for your workplace
  • Explore and support the Employee Free Choice Act

Be Inspired

  • Do an outrageous act inspired by another outrageous act

Donate: Fund a Movement

  • Make a gift to the Ms. Foundation and fund an outrageous national movement
  • Invite friends to make gifts
  • Decide to give on a monthly (or recurring) basis and keep the movement growing

Connect With a Decision-Maker

  • Call or write your legislator
  • Attend a public hearing
  • Meet with your child’s school principal

Be a Decision-Maker

  • Run for office
  • Join a neighborhood committee
  • Join a board

Learn More, Change the Conversation

  • Challenge a family member or coworker’s bias
  • Bring up an outrage or outrageous act in conversation
  • Join or start a discussion or book group
  • Sign up for a listserv
  • Comment on how your outrage is reflected in the media
  • Write or comment on a blog entry
  • Write a letter to the editor

Party for a Cause

  • Host a House Party/Fundraiser in honor of Gloria Steinem’s 75th Birthday
  • Invite friends to celebrate Gloria’s Outrageous Acts and Your Own
  • Create your own Outrageous party ideas or review some of ours
  • Ask friends to make gifts of $75.00 or another amount in honor of this anniversary

Get Out the Vote, Become Politically Active

  • Register to vote
  • Register others to vote
  • Join organizers working to support or prevent a ballot initiative
  • Volunteer for a political campaign

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