26 March 2009

Outrageous Acts on the TODAY Show

Deborah Siegel, a Penner-in-Chief at the Girl with Pen blog, and author of Sisterhood, Interrupted: From Radical Women to Grrls Gone Wild, appeared yesterday on the NBC TODAY Show to provide a Women’s History Month quiz. After revealing the disappointing answer that only 6.7% of Fortune 500 top earners were women, Deborah reports:

I looked into the camera and said something like ‘You want to know how to stimulate the economy? Redistribute the gender balance over on Wall Street and see what happens then!’
That’s an outrageous act on morning television, and we’re pleased to share it. We’re also pleased by Deborah’s blog post (Happy 75th Birthday, Gloria…It's a Beautiful Day for Feminism) where she celebrates Gloria Steinem and the Outrageous Acts campaign and notes the opportunities presented by the current crisis.

See Deborah Siegel on video: NBC TODAY Show, March 25, 2009: Do You Know Your Women's History?

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