11 March 2009

What is Outrageous Acts?

Outrageous Acts is a Ms. Foundation social networking, social change campaign that invites each of us to engage in, celebrate, and support acts in the cause of simple justice on behalf of women, families and communities.

Outrageous Acts reminds each of us of our power to create change. It also helps us imagine what's possible when we link the power of our own outrageous acts with others' nationwide. The more we inspire new outrageous acts and connect with other outrageous actors, the more power we'll have to bring about the kind of change we want to see in our communities, our country and our world.

Outrageous Acts takes its inspiration from Gloria Steinem, a founder of the Ms. Foundation for Women, and the many Ms. Foundation grantees who are organizing for justice and equity in communities throughout the U.S.

Years ago, to further the power of grassroots organizing, Steinem began encouraging people across the country to turn their outrage into action, and to have fun doing it:

“If each person in the room promises that…the very next day she or he will do at least one outrageous thing in the cause of simple justice, then I promise I will, too. It doesn’t matter whether the act is as small as saying, “Pick it up yourself” …or as large as calling a strike….” [view video]
This year, Gloria Steinem is turning, in her words, the “outrageous age of 75”. What a better way to honor her than to amplify her call?

In the spirit of Gloria and in recognition of the outrageous acts Ms. Foundation grantees do every day, we invite you to commit, share and support outrageous acts in the cause of simple justice. Acts that change the world in ways large and small, acts that support change from the ground up, acts that shift our or others' thinking about issues of equity and justice in our lives.

And we must act now. While we face great challenges - from the economic crisis and barriers to reproductive health care to gender-based violence and war - we also live in a moment of tremendous opportunity. More and more people are poised to create change from the ground up. And on the heels of an historic presidential election, we're reminded of just how effective grassroots, outrageous acts “ from bake sales and buttons to signatures and songs" can be.

Act Outrageously
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