24 March 2009

Courtney Martin on Outrageous Acts - Feministing

In a posting on Feministing (The Outrageous Acts Campaign) Courtney Martin celebrates outrageous acts and offers ten suggestions to get people started. Multiple comments on her posting have added scores more ideas. Following is a small selection of suggestions from Courtney and her commenters.

  • Call a teacher and thank her.
  • Write a letter to the editor, explaining why feminism is still important.
  • Tell your neices or daughters how smart and strong they are.
  • Join a union.
  • Start a safe house
  • Teach your teens that using the word “gay” as an insult in place of “lame” is just switching one scrap of hate speech for another.
  • Start a nonprofit that helps women
  • When someone grills you about being a feminist, simply ask them to explain why they aren’t.
  • Make a donation of time or money to your local women’s shelter.

We welcome the supply of ideas and look forward to sharing the outrageous acts they inspire.

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