24 March 2009

Outrageous Act: Alaskans Reject Palin's Rejection of Stimulus Money

Last week Governor Sarah Palin announced she would reject a large portion of stimulus funds, mainly those which would boost programs in education, unemployment, and disabilities (first and
last are fields with a majority of employees being female).

I instigated a rally outside the library - ...We'll be outside to greet our elected officials and send a strong message that we want them to overturn Palin's choice to reject stimulus money.“

I created a Facebook event, invited my friends, and sent emails to local bloggers. It went viral and with one day's notice about 150 people (a lot in Alaska) showed up to wave signs at 9:30am on a Saturday morning March 21, 2009). The temperature was 5F.

Submitted by Kymberly Blackstock (Anchorage, AK)

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