31 March 2009

Outrageous Act: Blue Abaya for Peace

An American, ex-patriot, woman, mother, wife, who blogs anonymously from Saudi Arabia at “Sand Gets in my Eyes,” has posted her first outrageous act in a piece entitled: “My blue abaya - Outrageous Acts of Simple Justice (OASJ) #1” Citing a 2008 event in Kandahar, where more than 1,500 women gathered to call attention to women’s desire for peace in Afghanistan, she writes:
I will don an abaya - a blue abaya. Not sure if it will be sky blue - the color of choice for the Afghan event, but it will definitely be blue.

And yes, I’m going to tell anyone who asks why the abaya is blue! It will be a great opportunity to talk about peace in the Middle East and the role women can play in it.

Join the campaign and share your outrageous act. Also read Sand Gets in my Eyes’ earlier posting: Join me in Outrageous Acts for Simple Justice.

[Abaya image from ZainabsBoutique.com.]

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