11 March 2009

Submission Guidelines

Be Outrageous
Don’t keep your outrage to yourself! Share your outrageous acts with us and others.
  • Create a video or audio clip, a photo with a written description, or a short text entry
  • Submit it to the Outrageous Acts website.
  • Tag your act with the following: outrageousacts, msfoundationforwomen.
  • Share your Outrageous Act on Facebook, your own blog, post to YouTube, Vimeo, flickr, Delicious or other sites. (Remember to use the outrageousacts, msfoundationforwomen tags.)

Are There Specific Guidelines?
Very few. We welcome many different kinds of submissions. For example, if you attended a rally for immigrant rights, you can submit a photo or video of the rally or write a short blog entry about your experience.

At the end of your submission, you can choose to suggest an outrageous act that others can do. For example, you can send people to a website to sign a petition calling for an end to harmful immigration raids.

Keep your submission short, simple and relevant. It’s best if your outrageous act is very recent, but it shouldn’t be older than one year.

If your outrageous act is a donation to the Ms. Foundation, you can choose for us to recognize you by name, keep your gift anonymous or you can make your gift in honor of someone you think is outrageous or inspired you to commit an outrageous act of your own.

[Video Guidelines]

How Will the Ms. Foundation Use My Outrageous Act?
We’ll review outrageous acts as they come in and highlight some of our favorites on outrageousacts.org. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to feature every act on the homepage. All acts will be available in the Outrageous Acts Submissions Archive.

We’ll highlight Ms. Foundation grantees’ outrageous acts and feature suggestions for acts that you can do to support their work and promote change inyour community.

We’ll share outrageous acts with various online networks and ask that you to do the same. Everyone can follow and share outrageous acts shared by members of our Facebook Cause and the streams of material added to YouTube, Delicious, Flickr, etc.

Remember, the more we inspire new outrageous actors and encourage outrageous acts, the more power we’ll have to bring about the kind of change we want to see in our communities, our country and our world.

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